Lab 4 Washes

    DOUBLE CLICK on an image for a real close up look!!

Where In The World Is COLLAGE LAB?

  • Mitchell's Book Corner -  Nantucket, MA
    Places readers have found the book...please send me your photos to post, and remember, it doesn't have to be a book store!! Where ever you find it.

Who's Been Working & Posting

Oh the places you can go.....

  • Collage Lab by Two - meet Kay and Nan
    Kay and Nan are seasoned collage artists who found the book and are enjoying the process of working through it and kind enough to share their results with all of us. Tune in to see how they are doing and hopefully they will join us here from time to time!




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Michele R. Unger

Oh, darlin' Bee, this is going to be such FUN!


Bee I was at ArtFest and wished that I had taken your class! I can draw a line but that's about it and when I saw some of the projects in your book, I thought that perhaps I could just draw more lines and make something happen! LOL. The chance to win a copy of Collage Lab is a wonderful giveaway! My "art budget" $$$ were depleted by the time I saw your book, so had to pass... so imagine how excited I was to read you are giving one away Put my name in that hat...and I'll cross my fingers... BIG GRIN


Leslie M.

What a fantastic idea Bee! You inspire in so many ways. I already have your wonderful book -- pre-ordered. And I look forward to following along here.



Hi, Bee. Congratulations on launching the blog. What a treat! And what a wonderful gathering place this is going to be for all collage enthusiasts.

When we can shake ourselves free from our lab work (grin) Kay and I will definitely be popping in here. This is going to be great fun.

Nan and Kay


Looking forward to this! (I already have a copy, so I don't need another!)


Wait, where can I get my copy!

Nadine Wong

I'm so glad you e-mailed otherwise I would not have known about this wonderful lab and your new book (I just ordered it). I'm finally beginning to dabble in the studio again. This was just what I needed and will give me a great start.
Hugs to you Bee.

ilene harris

WOWZER - I love the site, Bee. You opened so many doors to me at ArtFest and for that, I am very grateful.

Ilene Harris


What a wonderful and generous idea this blog is! I look forward to doing the exercises, and would love a chance to win the book!!

Rachel Bowe

Thank you SO much Bee! I was thrilled to find out about this group... and you are right...great minds ;-)
VERY much looking forward to trading Art in the mail and seeing everyones creations.


Beverly Gilbert

So glad to see you 'got off the beach'! So great seeing you in Port Townsend - LOVE your book!!!

Kimberly Gero

This is such a cool idea - to have a companion blog and projects! Very exciting and if I don't win the copy I'll definately be ordering it!

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