Lab 4 Washes

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Where In The World Is COLLAGE LAB?

  • Mitchell's Book Corner -  Nantucket, MA
    Places readers have found the book...please send me your photos to post, and remember, it doesn't have to be a book store!! Where ever you find it.

Who's Been Working & Posting

Oh the places you can go.....

  • Collage Lab by Two - meet Kay and Nan
    Kay and Nan are seasoned collage artists who found the book and are enjoying the process of working through it and kind enough to share their results with all of us. Tune in to see how they are doing and hopefully they will join us here from time to time!

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Dianne Trautmann

I enjoyed stamping with the gesso, but my favorite result in and of itself was putting different colored gesso on separate sheets and smooshing them together then pulling them apart. It will be interesting to see where all of these labs will lead to. Thanks Bee for the challenge.

Kyrrha Sevco

Loved working with the colored gesso. I can watercolor on it after it dries and it won't run like my stamps! What a great way to make fun backgrounds.

Rachel Bowen

My husband & I both sat down tonight and worked this technique together. We had a great time and posted about our adventures in collaging with Bee!


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