Lab 4 Washes

    DOUBLE CLICK on an image for a real close up look!!

Where In The World Is COLLAGE LAB?

  • Mitchell's Book Corner -  Nantucket, MA
    Places readers have found the book...please send me your photos to post, and remember, it doesn't have to be a book store!! Where ever you find it.

Who's Been Working & Posting

Oh the places you can go.....

  • Collage Lab by Two - meet Kay and Nan
    Kay and Nan are seasoned collage artists who found the book and are enjoying the process of working through it and kind enough to share their results with all of us. Tune in to see how they are doing and hopefully they will join us here from time to time!

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I just found your blog! Love your expermentations. The carved figure you call a goddess remind me of the rock art figures... Thanks for sharing!

Penelope in Vancouver

Am eagerly awaiting the arrival of your book, and working through the exercises with a friend (from her book) until mine arrives. So far the *best thing* is doing exercises I wouldn't necessarily try on my own - and the happy results (and happy accidents!) that occur as the labs progress. I love that you're posting MORE STUFF here - so generous of you. :)

Dorte in California

Bee, your Lab 4 washes are wonderful! I can't wait to try this with what I have on hand. Thank you for doing this blog...I really enjoy it! (ATC's will be forthcoming.)

Linda F.

Hi Bee...I LOVE how the Budda turned I'm on the hunt for the lace paper...gorgeous!


Love your blog, Bee. So many new directions to take the labs, so many new materials to explore--and wonderful projects using the techniques. And the photos are just delicious! I look forward to following along.

Kay and I are already thinking about our *next* year of collage--with the goal of producing finished pieces together each week. We have *a lot* of time to plan (we'll complete the 52 Collage Labs next February if we can keep on schedule!) and your blog will be the perfect inspiration.

Thanks for setting us and all your followers off on a fabulous adventure.

All the best,
Nan and Kay

Michele R. Unger

Oh, my darlin' friend, lovely blog, lovely post! And I am so happy to hear that you are trying to treat yourself with the same infinite grace you lavish on others! Yes, it is good to admit we can't always do it all and guess what???? It's OKAY! You be kind to Bee, okay? I love her dearly!


I'm going to keep your blog in my favorites because you have things that are really interesting, so to see if I update from time to time because you learn a lot reading you.

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